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  • Durable, robust 90° design prepared for strongest upgrades
  • ALL Stainless steel construction
  • DROP-IN instalation
  • Optimized trigger pull ( around 0,5 lb )
  • Fits TM M40a5 and copies
  • Heat treated ( hardened ) piston catch
  • Polished contact points to ensure smooth trigger pull
  • The spring guide stopper is stabilized against side movement by washers
  • New springs/system for piston catch sear returning


90° piston for this rifle is not manufactured yet. 45° piston need to be modified to 90°


Package includes :


  • S-trigger TM M40a5
  • Two screws for mounting to the receiver

S-trigger TM M40a5

SKU: S-trigger-TMM40a5
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